Alendronic Acid Benefits for Osteoporosis Treatment

shutterstock_117903694Without a doubt, alendronic acid, specifically alendronic acid tablets, is the most commonly prescribed medication for the treatment of osteoporosis. Commonly known as Fosamax and alendronate, alendronic acid is an extremely effective treatment for osteoporosis. This medication works in a similar fashion to other medications for osteoporosis, but it has the benefit of very few side effects, and success rate in treatment. In this article we will go over the basic ways in which alendronic acid works, and the benefits of taking alendronic acid tablets.

As most of us know, we need healthy bones for overall health and wellbeing. This is because our bones hold us up! Without bones, we wouldn’t be able to do anything that we need to do to get through the day; the same thing goes for weak bones. With weak bones many people find it difficult, or even impossible to do even minor tasks that they were once able to complete with ease. Our body performs maintenance on our bones as a way of keeping them healthy. Old bones are broken down by a type of cell known as osteoclast. On the other hand, osteoblasts are the cells responsible for rebuilding new bones. Believe it or not, our entire skeleton is essentially replaced! That’s right, the bones you have now weren’t the same bones that you had ten years ago. To be precise, the osteoclasts and osteoblasts are responsible for providing us with a brand new entire skeleton over approximately seven years. This is important to understand to understand how it is that alendronic acid tablets will help combat osteoporosis.  [Read more...]

Side Effects of Alendronic Acid That You Must Know!

Alendronic Acid 10mg Alendronate UK Teva Pharmaceutical 28 Tabs fWhile many people feel that the alendronic acid benefits that they receive from taking this medication are practically a miracle, that doesn’t mean that the entire medication is a miracle. Modern medicine can only do so much, and unfortunately medications do still have side effects. Alendronate side effects are not very severe, especially compared to the alendronic acid benefits, but it is still important to make you aware of what side effects you can potentially see if you do start taking alendronic acid tablets. The side effects alendronate has are fairly similar to many other medications, but can be worsened by combining this medication with other ones. You might not experience one side effect, but upon adding in another medication, you might begin to experience side effects. If you do have some of the alendronate side effects we are about to list, at least you will know what is causing them, and you will be able to tell your doctor about them.

The side effects that we are about to list are considered common side effects, but don’t worry; they aren’t that common. For every ten people who take alendronic acid tablets, less than one of those people some of these alendronate side effects. That is less than 10% of people. So while it is possible to get these side effects, there is a very good chance that you will be able to use alendronic acid for osteoporosis prevention without any negative side effects. [Read more...]